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We have winners!

American Showcase Last Chance Round
1st  Stefan Durham & Bethany Powell (DC)
2nd Mickey Fortanasce & Kelly Arsenault (NY)
3rd  Matt Erickson & Anna Whitmire  (Sacramento, CA/Houston, TX )

Advanced Jack & Jill
1st  Stefan Durham & Eden Atencio (DC/NY)
2nd Jamie Cameron & Moe Sakan (London, UK/Osaka, Japan)
3rd  Rajeev Hotchandani & Ann Mony (Somerville, MA/Montreal)

Strictly Lindy
1st  Eric Bertrand & Sylwia Bielec (Montreal)
2nd Patrick Germain & Dianne Eramo (NY)
3rd  Jamie Cameron & Moe Sakan (UK/Japan)

Solo Charleston
1st  Zack Richard (Montreal)
2nd Nathan Bugh (NY)
3rd  Carl Nelson (Montreal)

1st  Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl (DC/Stockholm, Sweden)
2nd Alain Wong & Ann Mony (Montreal)
3rd  Carl Nelson & Caroline Rossi (Montreal)

Jill & Jack
1st  Noelle Gray & Matt Bedell (West Haven, CT/NY)
2nd Anna Whitmire & Jeramie Anderson (Houston, TX/DC)
3rd  Mira Fisher & Andrew Sutton (Montreal/Sacramento, CA)

Pro/Am Follower
1st  Jan Di Kim (Korea) with Peter Strom
2nd Chelsea Rodgers (Edmond, OK) with Doug Silton
3rd  Tomoko Kawashima (Japan) with Peter Strom

Pro/Am Leader
1st  Matt Erickson (Sacramento, CA) with Carla Heiney
2nd  Jonathan Jow (Houston, TX) with Tena Morales
3rd  Dennis Terpin (Chicago, IL) with Nathalie Gomes

Strictly Balboa
1st  Marty Klempner & Valerie Salstrom (Cleveland, OH)
2nd Mickey Fortanasce & Kelly Arsenault (NY)
3rd  Jason Herron & Ria DiBiase (Detroit, MI/Davis, CA)

Open Showcase
1st  Benjamin Ricard & Genevieve Kerouac (Quebec City)
2nd Steve & Rebecca Drwzewiczewski (Waltham, MA)
3rd  Michael Richters & Rachelle Gaudet (Arlington, MA)

Our DJS for the weekend  included Jerry Almonte (DC),Bill Borgida (Ithaca),  Devona Cartier (NY), Mandi Gould (Toronto) , Dee Jean Francois (Montreal), Michael Ingbar (NYC), Paolo Lanna (NY), Glenn Scales (DC), Simon Selmon (UK), Peter Strom (Minneapolis), Mike Marcotte (DC), Naomi Uyama (DC), Rayned Wiles (DC)  plus more!

George Gee and the Jump Jive & Wailers played for Friday's late night. Jesse Gelber and The Swing Doctors  played for Saturday's late night.

Mark your calendars now for ALHC 2007!

Oct. 25-28, 2007

Teachers and judges for the weekend included Bill Borgida,  Jane Ford. Caitlin George, Chad Fasca, Nathalie Gomes, Dave Graybill, Yuval Hod,   Marty Klempner,  Valerie Salstrom, Jennifer Salvadori, Doug Silton, Peter Strom, Sylvia Sykes, Aurelie Tye, Tony Tye, Chester Whitmore, Charlie Wyler, Justin Zillman, Zack Richard, Maryse LeBeau, Simon Selmon

more winners!

Open Jack & Jill
1st  Michel Mazerolle & Shannon Varner
        (Montreal/Columbus, OH)
2nd Davis Thurber & Nicole Zuckerman
        (Boston, MA/Manchester, CT)
3rd  Todd Schmenk & Jan Di Kim
         (Providence, RI/Korea)

Champions' Jack & Jill
1st   Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl
2nd  Nick Williams & Ramona Staffeld
         (Los Angeles, CA/NYC)
3rd  Andy Reid & Carl Heiney (DC/NYC)

Seth Tuten & Janelle Sowers
 (Glen Rock, PA/Spring Grove, PA)

1st  Bill Borgida & Noelle Gray
        (Austin, TX/ New Haven, CT)
2nd Dennis Terpin & Nancy Obern
         (Chicago, IL)
3rd  Fred & Tami Lamon (Hewlett, NY)

Fast Dance
1st  Yuval Hod & Nathalie Gomes
         (NY/New Orleans, LA)
2nd Zack Richard & Maryse LeBeau
3rd  Benjamin Ricard & Genevieve Kerouac
        (Quebec City)

American Showcase
1st  Todd Yannacone & Naomi Uyama
        (SF, CA/DC)
2nd Nick Williams & Ria DiBiase
         (Los Angeles, CA/Davis, CA)
3rd  Stefan Durham & Bethany Powell (DC)
4th  Mickey Fortanasce & Kelly Arsenault

5th  Dorry Segev & Sommer Gentry
        (Baltimore, MD)

1st  The Silver Shadows (DC)
2nd Swing Connexion/Port-O-Swing

         (Montreal/Quebec City)
3rd  Swingin' Air Force (Montreal)

1st  Joseph Wiggins
2nd Kelly Arsenault (NY)
3rd  Yan Villeneuve AKA Electrick
        Boogie Man
 (Quebec City)

1st   Doug Silton & Carla Heiney

         (Los Angeles, CA/SF, CA)
2nd Jeramie Anderson & Kirsten
3rd   Bill Borgida & Evita Arce (Austin, TX/NY)

Cats' Corner
1st  Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl
2nd Nick Williams & Ramona Staffeld
3rd  Andy Reid & Carla Heiney (DC/SF, CA)


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